9th & Lenora is a 45-story, 396-unit residential tower located across from Amazon’s main campus. This project follows on the heels of the recently completed 2030 8th Ave project, part of the initiative to meet the demand for additional housing in the rapidly expanding SLU/Denny Triangle neighborhood.  

On April 8th, 2017, months of planning, coordination, and shop fabrication culminated in a series of flawlessly executed crane picks at 9th & Lenora. Early in the project, MacDonald-Miller worked with Sellen to develop a plan to set our major equipment in place and build the slab above our equipment. The tight project schedule, as well as the fact that the main mechanical room was not located on the highest floor, necessitated that major mechanical room equipment be set in place before the slab above could be formed and poured. MacMiller seized this opportunity to create seismically engineered, prefabricated skids for our large hydronic pumps and boilers, as well as set domestic water boilers and a hot water storage tank directly into place. Although there wasn’t an opportunity to utilize multi-trade racks due to the smaller size of the room and the slab formwork, we were able to maximize our prefabrication opportunities utilizing the skids. In the following weeks, the remaining equipment and pre-fabricated piping were lifted into place. The pre-fabricated skids and piping allowed us to accelerate the mechanical room build-out to keep up with an aggressive project schedule.

While many players were involved in executing this work, big shout-outs are deserved for Bob Freeman, Pipefitting General Foreman, who worked closely with detailing to develop the skid design, and Bill Dixon, Pipe Shop Foreman, who collaborated with the field to make sure every detail was covered for the skids so that the pick would go smoothly. This project is on track with a completion date of December 2017 and will be LEED Silver certified.

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